Sunday, 21 July, 2024

High-density Apple seed production in Mustang


By TRN Online, Beni, Oct 5: With the establishment of the Fiber Fertilisation Laboratory in the Temperate Horticulture Development centre (THDC), Marpha, of Mustang district, it began producing high-quality seedlings of fruits and vegetables.

The Acting Chief of THDC, Padma Nath Aatreya, said that the Laboratory has been established with Rs 11.5 million and other materials including machine and chemical purchased of Rs 65 lakhs in two years. Aatreya said that the centre will produce seedlings of apples, lemon, walnuts and nuts. In the previous year, 9,230 high-density apple seedlings had been distributed in Mustang imported from Italy.

Now, the apple seedling will be provided by the laboratory as the number of apple farming farmers increasing.

Apple Zone Mustang had distributed high-density apples to the 15 different cooperatives and communities in the district through the annual program of the fiscal year (FY)  2077/78. Through the program, 9,230 seedlings of the high-density apples of golden delicious, Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious variety had been provided.

According to the Senior Agriculture officer of the Apple Zone, Sudhir Thapa price of each seedling crossed Rs 1,170 while reaching Jomsom. Seedlings have been distributed with a 50 per cent grant.

Aatreya said that seedlings of high-density apples can be grown in Mustang from the production of rootstock in the laboratory.

The laboratory will produce seedlings of apple, walnuts and lemon as demand is higher in Mustang. Aatreya said that seedlings will be produced for the region suitable for the seedling of the Mustang.