Tuesday, 23 July, 2024

Oli’s miraculous willpower


Arpana Adhikari


Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli successfully underwent his second renal transplant. Now he is recuperating at his official residence at Baluwatar.
The Prime Minister was on regular dialysis for the last six months after his kidney transplanted in 2007 stopped functioning properly. His first kidney transplant was done in New Delhi in July 2007. His decision to choose the nation’s good old Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) for such a complex surgery has drawn praise at home and abroad. This has sent a positive message globally, as well as among the high profile and common people of the country regarding the capability of our healthcare system and health professionals.

Sound healthcare facilities
Those, who used to think that Nepal lack sound healthcare facilities and is not capable of treating serious health ailments, have now started believing that the country possesses better health services and competent medical practitioners. PM Oli’s bold decision has also helped break the trend among the high profile political leaders and ministers perpetually flying aboard for health checkups, spending a good chunk of money from the government’s coffers.
Thanks to PM Oli for choosing Nepal’s oldest government hospital for his surgery which has helped boost the confidence of our health professionals. PM Oli was highly appreciated by people for his courageous decision.
Social media like Twitter and Facebook were flooded with the posts and tweets appreciating Prime Minister’s decision to boost the confidence of the public toward healthcare system of Nepal. Apart from this, the most appreciated part of this surgery was PM Oli’s willpower and confidence which is said one of the major reasons why his body is responding to the transplanted kidney positively.
People are appreciating Oli’s confidence and mind power, which has helped him not let down by his alignment.
Before undergoing surgery, he said that he would get his kidney transplanted again to work aggressively for remaining three years of his premiership. He confidently said transplantation would not be a big deal and it will make him strong again to continue his premiership for full term.
There were many critics who were indifferent to the Oli’s health prior to his admission to the hospital for the kidney transplant. As the surgery was conducted successfully, they started to showering warm and sweet words for the PM in the social media. They wished him a speedy recovery, stating that the PM must be healthy and strong so as to realise his lofty goal- Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali. Actually, this is a moment of truth when the citizens stand by the nation’s iconic leader. This is also Nepali culture to show compassion for the fellow being when s/he faces emergency health problem. It has been widely believed that the PM will return to his work with double energy and make significant contribution to the nation building task.
Like the way he said, on the 12th days of his kidney transplant surgery, PM Oli took part in a meeting of SAARC leaders via video conferencing on Sunday to chalk out a strategy to fight the coronavirus.
Doctors involved in his treatment have restricted PM Oli from meeting with the people at least for one month as such a patient is highly vulnerable to infection due to high doses of immunosuppressants which is given to prevent organ rejection. Doctors claim that it can take from six months to one year for him to return to normal life.

Mind power
It is said that mind power is a miraculous tool to heal any illnesses.
The science has already proved that there’s a clear connection between the way our brain thinks and the way our body feels. People can use their mind to improve the overall wellbeing of human body. When people say and feel they are not well, then results started to shows up in our body in the forms of illnesses. Therefore, we need to speak health, think health and feel heath like our PM Oli has been doing.
Mind is powerful tool that promote overall health and well-being and our Prime Minister Oli is an epitome of this. Positive thinking won’t cure anything but it is a key component to lead a healthy body.

(Adhikari is the TRN journalist)