Tuesday, 23 July, 2024

Woman gives birth to quadruplets


Kathmandu, Sept 25: A woman here gave birth to quadruplets on Wednesday.
Khagitra Shahi, 27, from Dhangadhi gave birth to three sons and a daughter by cesarean section at Singamangal-based Kathmandu College, said gynecologist Dr Chanda Karki.
The medical team led by Dr Karki assisted the eight-month pregnant Shahi to deliver babies through a surgical procedure. The newborns are said to be normal. They weigh 950 grams, 1.4 kilos, 1.5 kilos and 1.6 kilos.
The normal weight of a newborn is considered to be in a range of 2-2.5 kilos. It means that they need a neonatal care, according to Dr Karki said. The births of quadruplets are rare.