Saturday, 20 July, 2024

Party unification bears long term significance: Chairman Dahal

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Ilam, Sept 13: Chairman of Nepal Communist Party (NCP), Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has said the party unification had long term significance. Chairman Dahal made it clear that the unification was the result of neither eccentricity nor the immature decision.
The Chairman was saying this while addressing a district level party cadres' orientation here Friday. "Unification is done by good leadership and a good leader. The unification was possible because of the blend of these points," he reminded, adding that non-communist forces were dominating the scene because of the divided communist parties. The past UML and Maoist Centre merged into the NCP because of able leadership and leaders.
According to him, the roots of present unification could be traced back to the communist movement since 2028 BS and the people's demands. "I had urged then General Secretary of ML Madan Bhandari for the unification back in 2050 BS, but it was not realized because of his untimely demise," he reminded in an emotional tone, asserting, "If Bhandari was living, unification could be materialized long back."
The Chairman further argued that the constitution writing was possible because of unity between these two communist parties. Although some forces within the country and abroad were making efforts to dissolve the second Constituent Assembly, the constitution was possible because of the role then CPN UML and CPN Maoist played.
He urged the cadres to study communist history to know the significance of party unification. "This unification has been hailed across the globe," he argued.
Moreover, Chairman Dahal recalled that he had urged then General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal for the unification while participating in the election for making the constitution.