Thursday, 18 April, 2024

NC, Bagmati decides to simplify MCC for wider public understanding


Kathmandu, Feb. 22: The Nepali Congress (NC), Bagmati Province has decided to reach the people with a simpler and clearer note of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact.

As the party wants to make the Compact easily understandable for the people, it is to further simplify the Compact matters and send it to the local levels, it is said.

The second full meeting of the party concluded at Sukute of Sindhupalchowk Monday agreed to simplify the Compact contents and shared it among the people at the local level so as what it said to clear doubts over the document.

Besides, the gathering has decided to suggest roles and responsibilities of the district and local bodies of the party in the days ahead, according to joint-general secretary Hari Sharan Shrestha.