Wednesday, 28 February, 2024

Damak to produce gas from waste soon 


Damak, March 11 : A private company in Damak of Jhapa is all set to produce gas and compost manure from next month from the waste with support from the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre and other entities.  

Next Era Energy Company which has been given responsibility for waste management of the town is working to produce gas and fertiliser at the same time, according to the company's Managing Director Bimal Khatiwada.    

Development of infrastructure for energy production from waste processing is in the final stage, he said. Gas, compost fertiliser and liquid fertiliser would be prepared from the waste management. For this to materialise, a processing centre has been established inside the Hamsedumse Community Forest in Damak Municipality-3.    

As planned, decomposable and plastic wastes would be segregated and then the decomposable waste would be kept in a huge tank for 15 days to produce methane gas. The methane gas produced in such a way would be distributed either through pipeline or by filling in the cylinders after its processing. Remaining composed waste would be used to produce compost manure and the filtered liquid would be used as liquid fertiliser, Khatiwada said.    

The system would produce 1,084 kilogram of bio-gas on daily basis and as high as 10,000 kilograms of compost manure. The total cost for the infrastructure development is estimated to be as high as Rs 205.8 million, Khatiwada added.