Tuesday, 23 July, 2024

Coronavirus infection found in cat for the first time in South Korea

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By Jeevan Khatri, Seoul, Jan 27:  Coronavirus infection has been confirmed in a cat for the first time in South Korea.

The infection was found in a pet cat at a settlement at local Gyeongsang Jinju. This is the first case of the coronavirus infection found in an animal in South Korea. COVID-19 pandemic had spread in this settlement in recent days. 

The infection was confirmed in the cat also in course of carrying out contact tracing at the place. Three members of the family keeping the pet cat also tested positive for coronavirus. 

The South Korean government has urged one and all to be alert after the virus was found infecting an animal other than people. 

Although the Korean government has been preparing for vaccination against COVID-19, it is yet to be administered. The authorities here have made provisions like prohibiting gathering of more than four people at public places, maintaining social distance and implemented the 'no mask-no ride' rule.

However, there is no letup in the spread of COVID-19 here.