Wednesday, 19 June, 2024

Committees formed to manage foreign and domestic labour market


Kathmandu, Feb 23: The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has formed different taskforces and talk committees to manage foreign employment and the domestic labour market.
Labour Minister Krishna Kumar Shrestha constituted six taskforce and committees so as to manage foreign employment and the domestic labour market.

A five-member committee has been formed under the coordination of the chief of the Ministry's Employment Management Division for bringing timely reforms in Foreign Employment Act, 2064 BS so as to make foreign employment further safe, managed and dignified.

The task force will present a final draft to submit to the Council of Ministers by holding stakeholders' consultation and seeking official views from the ministry of law and the ministry of foreign affairs.

Likewise, a six-member task force has been formed to develop a guideline regarding the formation and mobilization of workers' cooperative groups. The cooperative concept has been brought for the welfare of workers and their families as well as for ensuring social security and protection of workers.

The Ministry has also constituted a five-member task force to carry out a study on integrating members of the families of workers in foreign employment into a health insurance programme. Likewise, a seven-member talk team has been constituted to represent a joint workgroup to send workers to Israel in the construction sector. Israel has formed a talk team for bilateral talks and discussions earlier for the same purpose.

Similarly, the ministry has formed a five-member task force to carry out a study on sending seasonal workforce to South Korea. At a discussion held on Tuesday at the Ministry, chiefs of local level governments had enquired about the measures to send the youths of the municipalities having sisterly relations with South Korea to the country. -