Sunday, 14 July, 2024

PM pledges to ensure favourable environment for innovation


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Sept. 18: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said our ancestors had made a lot of progress earlier than European and American scientists in the innovation of science, but it could not be established in lack of systematised research and promotion.
Addressing the 8th National Science Day function on Thursday, Prime Minister Oli stated that Bhaskaracharya was the first to discover gravity in the 12th century before Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei did. Likewise, in the 12th century Bhaskarcharya stated in his book ‘Siddhanta Siromani’ that the sun is the centre of the universe, not the earth. But the finding of Bhaskarcharya could not be highlighted. So, the current generation should take the challenge to reestablish the truth of history, he said.
In the virtual meeting organised by the Ministry for Education, Science and Technology (MOEST) today, Prime Minister Oli said Europe and America seem forward in the field of science and technology now after our ancestors, and this is the time Asia should move ahead in the innovation which would be supported by our genetic memory and DNA.
Prime Minister Oli appealed to all scientists of the country for the optimum utilisation of their ability for innovation. The government will pay attention to managing all the requirements, he said.
Likewise, Prime Minister Oli asked the youths to back their own country and make optimum utilisation of the waste land if they do not feel secure in the alien land.
The government has established Madan Bhandari Science and Technology University with a target to utilise science and technology for development. In the context of Nepal, science is essential mostly for modernisation of agriculture, utilisation of herbal product and to make digital Nepal, which is possible if the human resource of the sector is dedicated to it, he said.
Along with the modernisation of the society, it is essential to materialise our dream of railway, ship, airways and other development, he stated. He further said modern equipment in the health sector was a must.
Science and technology is not to destroy

the world, to create fear and illusion, therefore, it must be used for the security of the world, Prime Minister Oli said.
Likewise, Minister for Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel said the government was active to connect science with society and technology with production with a target to make the country a high-income nation.
Agricultural revolution can be possible only with optimum use of technology, he said.
Minister Pokharel asked all to live with scientific thought, and behaviour is a must to sustain life even in this critical situation.
The National Science Day is celebrated on Asoj 1 every year. The slogan of the 8th National Science Day is ‘Science for good health and quality life’. This year Science Day was celebrated by organising different programmes virtually.