Tuesday, 25 June, 2024

Apitherapy: An effective alternative medicine


By Yalu Joshi, Kathmandu, Mar. 31: Apitherapy, an alternative treatment method done by using bee venom, has become an unfailing medicine for former Prime Minister and senior leader of CPN-UML Jhalanath Khanal, who has been suffering from various diseases including back pain.  

Senior leader Khanal claims that Apitherapy, which he has been doing for the last three years, has helped him overcome various health-related issues.

"One need not do this therapy on a regular basis. I undergo bee venom therapy whenever I have some health issues. It is the cure to all of my health problems," said Khanal.

Speaking in the 3rd International Apitherapy Summit held on Tuesday, leader Khanal said that Dr. Ratna Thapa had recommended him to try Apitherapy. "Of the various alternative treatment measures, this bee venom therapy is one of the most effective treatment procedures," said Khanal. "Apitherapy has been beneficial for me to overcome many problems like muscle pain and backache."

The bee venom therapy and medicines have become the choice of every member of Khanal's family.

"I have been using two medicines named 'bee bread' and 'propolis' which are made from honey. My body is being benefitted by these medicines," said leader Khanal.

Bee bread makes the body healthy while propolis boosts the body's immunity power and functions like antibiotics. Propolis is advantageous in curing wounds and infections as well.

"It is important for all Nepali citizens to know about the importance and usefulness of Apitherapy," said Khanal. "According to Albert Einstein, bees have played a role in managing the entire human civilisation. If bees become extinct, human civilisation and plants will also be extinct within four years. Thus, bees are important for the conservation of environment as well."

He clarified that bees could be conserved if we would conserve the forests, floras, and faunas of the nation. "The whole society will be benefitted if we can understand the importance of bees. The government should invest in promoting bee farming by framing effective legislation," he added.

In the programme organised by Bee Science centre, Dr. Ratna Thapa, chief of the centre, "Efforts must be made to teach bee treatment system and generate awareness about the benefits of this alternative treatment."

He added that treatment is done using honey and bee venom among others.

"Various diseases relating to skin, nerves, orthopedics, and mental diseases can be cured via Apitherapy," said Dr. Thapa. "This therapy is effective in curing respiratory diseases as well."

It has been proven that bee sting therapy could also prevent breast cancer, he added.