Tuesday, 23 April, 2024

Govt. to emphasize collaboration and cooperation for promotion of sports sector


By Narayan Neupane, Kathmandu, Jan 29: The Ministry of Youth and Sports is laying emphasis on professionalism and collaboration, coordination and partnership with various sports-related organizations for the development and promotion of the sports sector.    

The Ministry is planning to incentivize several national organizations to attract investment in sports sectors as well as to develop sports culture. Secretary of the Ministry Dr Damodar Regmi opines that organizations related to sports have an important role to take forward the dynamics of sports and making the sports more professional.    

Considering the role of sports organisations in the integrated development of sports, the Ministry has come up with plans and programmes to promote such organizations and to upscale them.    

The team of experts having wealth of experience in sports management also contribute towards the promotion of sports. Considering this, the Ministry would also leverage the acumen of experts for promoting the sports sector.    

The Ministry is shouldering the responsibility of policymaker and facilitator for the sports sector in the country while several governmental agencies and other sports-related organizations have remained as implementing partners.    

The major concerns in the sports sector are breeding quality sportspersons, construction of physical infrastructures and running various competitions and sports activities, shared secretary Regmi. The need of the hour for the State is to coordinate efforts with schools to create a breeding ground for sports, says Regmi.    

Implementing various sports-related activities at the school level is necessary to attract, scout and encourage raw sports talents and to breed them into fine sportsperson, views swimming coach and former swimming champion Nayana Shakya.    

Shakya suggests that the State as well as sports-related organizations should pay their attention towards creating enabling environment for the sports persons to earn their living through sport    

Of late, the leadership of different sports associations have been accused of deviating from the main responsibility of development and expansion of the sports sector rather than focusing on retaining their power. The need for internal democratic practice has been felt like most of the associations have failed to conduct general assembly and programmes in a regular manner.    

However, different organisations related to sports have been organizing programmes for capacity building of players and competitions for the promotion and development of the country’s sports sector. According to the Ministry, 206 organisations related to the sports sector have been formally registered.    

Out of 181 organisations active in the country, 124 have conducted annual general assembly in the previous fiscal year. Of them, 148 organisations have got international recognition.    

Various sports-related programmes are being organized at local level to build a moral, disciplined and dignified society through the medium of sports.