Tuesday, 23 April, 2024

Government to cooperate with private sector for sports development


By Narayan Neupane, Kathmandu, Jan 23: The government has come up with the idea of cooperating with the private sector for the development and expansion of sports in the country.    

Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Dr Damodar Regmi confirmed this. “In the budget for the next fiscal year, 2022/23, we have a plan to bring programmes wherein cooperation with the private sector takes place,” he said.    

Various private sectors including banks and financial institutions have been contributing to the production of athletes and sponsoring sports activities, he said. “It is an incomplete idea of developing sports on the part of the government alone. The private sector is becoming an intense and strong partner in every sector. Financial and other private sectors have been contributing to the sports sector.” Lately, the growth and opening of futsal courts in the country have taken apace through the private sector, which has attracted the participation of the private sector to sports, he said.    

Sports which makes human life healthy, disciplined and active also helps in strengthening national unity and promoting brotherhood.    
The government has the policy of investing in the development of the sports sector and athletes so as to promote it as a means of burnishing national dignity in the international arena.    

Regular sports competitions need to be organized for sharpening the skills of the players and there should be adequate and well-equipped sports infrastructures for the development of the sports sector.    

There are various government bodies like the Ministry, the National Sports Council, the Social Development Ministry at the province level and the Education, Youth and Sports Section at the local level dedicated to the development of sports.    

These bodies have also prepared the necessary plan, policy and programmes along with the budget for this purpose.    

There is an immense possibility of sports development in any region of Nepal due to the diversity of its geography and climate conditions. There is a huge prospect for conducting adventurous mountain sporting activities as a large area of the country comprises of hills and mountains.    

Voices are being raised at present for organizing mountain adventure international sports competitions in Nepal. Private sector participation can also be increased in this sector as well.    

Secretary Regmi said the Ministry will hold consultations with the private sector for exploring avenues for collaboration in the development of the sports once the risk of the global COVID-19 pandemic subsides.    

According to him, the Ministry will carry out works by forming a task force for increasing the participation of the private sector in sports. The Ministry is thinking of immediately addressing the possibilities in this connection which are possible through the existing policies and regulations.    

The Ministry is of the view that the private sector can be a strong partner and support in the development of sports in the country.