Monday, 17 June, 2024

Bill seeking action against match-fixing tabled in Parliament

Kathmandu, Sept 2: The Ministry of Youth and Sports has tabled a new bill in Parliament seeking action against athletes and their accomplices involved in match-fixing.

The bill seeks three years of imprisonment and imposition of Rs 30,000 fine against athletes and their accomplices if found involved in the illegal activity. It also demands confiscation of the money transacted for match-fixing.

At present, the bill is under deliberation at the education and health committee under the House of Representatives. Twelve lawmakers have registered proposals seeking amendment to the bill. The bill has landed in the HoR after its passage from the National Assembly.

Earlier, in a HoR session, lawmakers Bimala Bishwokarma and Aasha Kumari BK demanded up to Rs 500,000 in fine and maximum imprisonment against those involving in match-fixing.