Friday, 24 May, 2024

Road, electricity change identity of Baghauda


By Siraj Khan, Nepalgunj, Mar. 30: The identity of Narainapur Baghauda in Banke district has been changed after the road and electricity services reached the area.

The Narainapur Baghauda area, known earlier as 'Kalapani' and 'Karnali' of the district, due to lack of transportation and electricity facilities, is now known as an accessible area after the connection of roads.

Chairman of Narainapur Rural Municipality Ishtiaq Ahmed Sah said that significant progress had been made in the health and education sector after the roads were blacktopped and power lines reached from Nepalgunj to Suiya Baghauda in Narainapur.

He said that the faces of the villages in the area have changed since the completion of the construction of Nepalgunj-Baghauda 44 km postal road and electrification of Kohalpur-Dhampur-Suiya Baghauda.

Until some time ago, those who used to dislike hearing the name 'Suiya Baghauda' now come here to see the roads and other developments, said Chairman Sah.

Ajay Srivastava, chief of the local and district coordination committee of Narainapur Rural Municipality, Banke, said that buses, jeeps, boleros, tractors and motorcycles have started plying the area daily.

After the road connection, the marketing of local products has become easier. The goods produced in Baghauda have started reaching the district headquarters directly.

Many still find Baghauda inaccessible, but the beauty of the area has changed significantly as education, health, transportation and other development infrastructure have also gained momentum.

Local leader Bikram Yadav said that infrastructure development including health, education, drinking water and transportation is helping Baghauda with Nepalgunj.

Local Deepak Maurya said the roads have changed the look of the area. He said that activities in the village have increased as vehicles bring goods from house to house. As the road network connects villages to cities, the number of businesses is increasing, he added.

Federal MP Maheshwar Gahatraj and Province MP Krishna KC Namuna said that they have worked tirelessly for three years to change the identity of Baghauda.