Sunday, 2 April, 2023

Promoting Green Recovery Project kicks off in Waling


Waling, July 27: Waling Municipality has started Promoting Green Recovery Project (PGRP) for management of waste in the Municipality.    

The PGRP amounting to nearly Rs 50 million budget is implemented by Product Holding Multipurpose Cooperatives in economic assistance of the UNDP and Waling Municipality and is facilitated by Diyalo Sanstha.    

Under the project, a wide range of works will be undertaken such as the reuse of plastic, making of the plastic granules and the setting up of a biogas plant.

Furthermore, distribution of manure making bins, organic farming, running markets, construction of green parks and plantation alongside the road among others are also part of the Project.    

One of the objectives of the project is to encourage the target groups to formulate business plans and to protect the investment and promoting economic savings thereby contributing to the economic growth, said Yam Bahadur Gurung, chairperson of the Cooperatives.    

Training and orientation will be given to encourage the locals for self-employment.    

According to Waling Municipality mayor Dilip Pratap Khand, the 10-month long project aims to create jobs for as many as 1,250 people and encourage more target groups to generate jobs from the sources of waste management.