Monday, 27 May, 2024

Parliamentary committee instructs to conduct grade 12 exams


Kathmandu, Aug 24: The Committee for Education and Health under the House of Representatives has instructed the concerned authority to conduct an annual exam of grade 12 adhering to the health safety measures and arranging home-centre.    

The Committee meeting here today drew attention to the mental toll taken on the students by the uncertainty of the exams and instructed the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to ensure vaccination facility for the examinees for them to take exams without any fear of COVID-19.     

The Committee also directed that the provision to make sure that the engineer colleges do not charge their students additional charges since there were no educational activities going on in the schools and colleges in the physical presence of teachers and students due to the COVID-19 pandemic.    

Referencing the exams of other academic levels being held, the Committee said that the exam of grade 12 should not be postponed time and again. The Committee had also summoned the representatives from the concerned authorities and agencies to discuss the matter in the past.    

The National Exam Board had decided to conduct an exam for the same grade in the home centre. But due to the COVID-19 Crisis Mechanism Committee’s (CCMC) objection, the Board had withdrawn its decision.