Saturday, 2 March, 2024

Nepali organisation selected for research in China 


Kathmandu, Nov 12: The China-Nepal Friendship Medical Research Center of Prof. Rajiv Kumar Jha, an organisation set up at the Xi'an Medical University in Xian of China, has been selected among the research institutions announced by the government of China.    

This institute was also selected in the call for proposal announced by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Shaanxi province of China. The proposal was opened to Chinese and foreign institutes carrying out research in China, the Shaanxi Daily newspaper stated.    

Proposals were invited from the institutions across China through a notice in the daily three months back. The Daily said 20 institutions and 10 individuals have been selected accordingly.    

Prof Dr Rajiv Kumar Jha is among the selected 10 individuals for the research. He is currently teaching at the Xi'an Medical University.    

The China-Nepal Friendship Medical Research Center of Prof. Rajiv Kumar Jha is the first institution with a foreign name to be selected for the research called by the Shaanxi provincial government of China. The provincial government calls for proposals every two years regarding the development and expansion in the field of science and technology.    

The institution was established after Dr Jha's name was established by the government of China in 2015. It was inaugurated by the former Vice President of Nepal, Paramananda Jha.