Thursday, 25 April, 2024

More skill enhancement trainings to journalists, employees in pipeline: GC Chair Subedi

Executive Chairman of the Gorkhaptra Corporation Bishnu Prasad Subedi delivers his concluding remarks at the two-day training to GC journalists and employees, Dhulikhel, 7January 2022.

By Kedar Timalsina, Banepa, Jan. 7: Executive Chairman of the Gorkhapatra Corporation Bishnu Prasad Subedi has pledged for capacity enhancing trainings for the journalists employed in the Corporation.

He said so in his concluding remarks at the two-day 'Social Media Handling, News Writing and Digital Journalism' workshop held here at Dhulikhel.

"This workshop is just a beginning as there are many more trainings targeted at the professional skill enhancement of journalists and other employees of the Gorkhapatra Corporation" he said.

He pointed at the need to reach out to the people and disseminate authentic news and views through digital means and platform in the changed context of news delivery and consumption.

"With the and in operation, we are already into the digital journalism for years. What we need to do now is make these more competitive and competent, and for this to happen, we have to impart training to the journalists and employees so that they can handle emerging technologies efficiently," he said.

Journalists and employees of the and were present in the training workshop where Umesh Shrestha and Prabesh Subedi imparted the training especially on digital journalism and social media handling.