Thursday, 30 November, 2023

Lalitpur incident: medical team suggests suffocation as cause of death  


Kathmandu, March 7: A medical preliminary observation suggests asphyxiation as the cause of death of five of the same family at Nallu of Koyosom rural municipality-4 in Lalitpur on Monday.    

According to the Metropolitan Police Council Jawalakhel spokesperson Siddhi Bikram Shah, the incident wherein five people in the same family-- Kainli Syangtan, 55, Sushma, 33, Ashish, 9, Asma, 7 and a two-day-old baby—were reportedly suffocated to death. Four were found dead inside the house while one died amidst the medical treatment.     

It is said the family lit up a fire inside the house with a metal roof and closed windows before going to bed. Shubha Tamang, 22, who was rescued alive is being treated at the Patan Hospital. His condition is reported to be serious.