Monday, 27 May, 2024

KMC proposes to build mega hall at Bhrikutimandap


By Bhauch Prasad Yadav, Kathmandu, Mar. 24: In a bid to build a marvellous gathering centre in the capital the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has proposed the construction of a mega meeting hall at Bhrikutimandap in the capital.  

For that KMC has taken the necessary process forward, but it is yet to be finalized as the land is owned by the Social Welfare Council.

KMC has already decided to take the process forward after discussing with the Social Welfare Council (SWC) to acquire the land required for the construction of the assembly hall.

The 214 ropanis of land to be used for the construction of the assembly hall is owned by the Social Welfare Council.

Saying that all the necessary processes to build the mega hall have been completed, Ram Thapa, Chief of the Physical Infrastructure Division of the KMC added that they will start the construction activities as soon as the land is handed over to our ownership by the SWC.

Chief Thapa said, “As per the decision of the metropolis, the letter will be sent to the Social Welfare Council within this month and then the discussion on land acquisition will move forward after the council makes a decision based on its policies on making the land available."

The Council has not provided the exact details of the earning the land of Bhrikutimandap.

According to Chief Thapa, the SWC said that the money earned from the land is the main source of income for the organization so only if the income source is insured then only further discussion will be held in this regard.

The Metropolis has completed the preliminary study for the construction of the mega hall on Bhrikutimandap but the Detailed Project Report (DPR) is yet to be made.

The DPR will move forward after finalizing the acquisition of the land with the SWC, said Thapa. A total of 10 million rupees has been allocated for the construction of the mega hall by the KMC in the current fiscal year.

Likewise, other multiple small halls having the capacity to hold 20 to 25 people will also be built. The parking place having the capacity to hold more than two thousand motor vehicles will also be set up.

According to Pushkar Khati, Member Secretary of the SWC informed that the proposal of KMC to build a mega meeting hall at Bhrikutimandap is under discussion.

He said that the government may have to decide whether it is appropriate to build a mega hall in the Bhrikutimandap area as there is a policy to develop it as an open space with beautiful serenity.

According to the metropolis, the hall was initially designed based on the original architecture of the valley.