Thursday, 18 July, 2024

Home Minister lauds APF role for country’s security


Kapilvastu, Mar. 23: Home Minister Balkrishna Khand has said the establishment of the Armed Police Force (APF) has been a contribution to the enhancement of the country’s security.

Stating that the APF was competent and efficient, the Home Minister said the government highly acknowledged its presence, role and contribution during the COVID-19 response.

Inaugurating the APF No 5 Bindhyabasini Brigade headquarters at Chandrauta of Shivaraj municipality-5, in Kapilvastu today, the Home Minister said the government was preparing to proceed with the promotion in the APF that had been suspended for long as it was committed to the career development of APF personnel. More, the government plans to come up with a scheme to promote self-sufficiency among APF retirees, according to him.

The Minister took time to explain that the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) compact was in the interest of the nation and refute rumours that its implementation would provide a ground for foreign military invasion in the country.
He highlighted the significance of its role to assure the effective implementation of the Election Code of Conduct for the upcoming local level elections.

APF Inspector General Shailendra Khanal said the APF was ever ready to safeguard the nation and national integrity. He was of the view of adding more border outposts (BOPs) to ensure a credible security system along with the transits.

Forty-one BOPs had been established in Lumbini Province and preparations were afoot to add 17 more in the current fiscal year, he briefed.