Thursday, 18 April, 2024

FNJ turns 66 from today


Kathmandu, March 29: Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ), the umbrella organisation of working journalists across the country, is celebrating its 66th anniversary today. On the occasion, the FNJ has extended best wishes to all Nepali journalists including its members at home and abroad, and to those in favour of press freedom and freedom of expression.    

In a message of greetings on this occasion, FNJ President Govinda Acharya offered his thanks to all journalists, media managers, organisations working in journalism and those working in favour of press freedom and freedom of expression for their cooperation and support.    

"The FNJ central committee is proud of our seniors' contribution and FNJ's proud history. I want to draw the attention of all to a need to realise FNJ's goals with full commitments by not deviating from the path shown by our seniors," read the message of best wishes.    

The FNJ has also drawn the attention of the respective sector including the government to fully implement the Working Journalists Act, promote media houses, which are non-profit and which are opened to create self-employment with a small investment and establish a mass communication training institution at the centre and province level to increase the efficiency of journalists as the public service providers.    

It also urged one and all to make the upcoming FNJ elections scheduled for 7 April a success by conducting it in a healthy, free and well-managed way.    

Originally formed as the Nepal Journalists’ Association (NJA) on March 29, 1956, under the chairmanship of journalist and political leader Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, (who later became Nepal’s first Prime Minister), it became the Federation of Nepali Journalists in 1995.    

Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) is a professional representative body of more than 13,000 media persons working in all areas of modern media- print, electronic and online- across the country.