Friday, 1 December, 2023

FNJ celebrates 67th establishment day, Chair says no compromise for free press


Kathmandu, Mar. 30: The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ), an umbrella organisations for journalists working for Nepali media, celebrated its 67th establishment day today.

Protection and enhancement of civic rights, democracy, free press, freedom of expression, rights of working journalists and professional rights of media workers are considered long-standing agendas of concern of the FNJ.

The FNJ which claims to be a professional representative body of Nepali media persons said the State was not responsive to its calls and dissent in regard to some provisions in-laws being formulated from federal to local levels.

FNJ chair Bipul Pokharel said, “FNJ is sensitive in terms of maintaining media decency, but it is strongly against any attempt intended to control over media and discourage the free press.”

He urged the government to ensure broader discussions with bodies concerned and their agreement as well as to guarantee a completely free press while drafting laws relating to communications.

The FNJ organised various programmes on the occasion of its 67th establishment day.