Sunday, 3 March, 2024

District Hospital, Darchula, lacks human resources to operate ICU


Darchula, April 15: Intensive Care Unit (ICU) along with ventilator beds set up at District Hospital, Darchula, has not yet come into operation.    
The ICU has not come into operation in a lack of capable human resources even after five months of the establishment of ICU.    

ICU was set up along with two ventilator beds received from the Sudurpaschim Province government. Sudurpaschim Province government had established ICU along with ventilator beds at all district hospitals of the province.    

Deputy-Speaker of Sudurpaschim Province Assembly, Nirmala Badal, had inaugurated the ICU service at the District Hospital, Darchula, on December 10, 2020.    

The ICU, established with the objective of treating the coronavirus infected people who are in critical condition die untimely in lack of intensive care, has not come into operation in lack of capable human resources, according to the Hospital.    

The Sudurpaschim province government had provided ventilators to the District Hospital, Darchula, in December after the number of coronaviruses infected people increased in the district.    

A lab assistant at the hospital, Deepa Bista, said that the ICU set up five months ago has not yet come into operation in a lack of human resources for the same.