Saturday, 22 June, 2024

COVID-19 turns youth to self-employment in Bajura


By Our Correspondent, Bajura, Apr. 1: COVID -19 has forced the youth of Bajura to work in their own villages rather than going back abroad. The youth who were working in India had to come back home after their workplace has shut down due to the lockdown.

Chakra Bahadur Sunar of Chhede Daha Rural municipality-4, Lisana of Khaptad district had come back to Nepal from India last year due to COVID-19. He established a Salon in his village.

He had worked as a labourer in India from 2013 to April 2020.

“My job in India was to carry electric poles and wires but however, when Covid 19 struck, I had to come back home and later I started a Salon,” Sunar told the TRN Online.

Sunar also said that the Salon has been able to provide for the education of her two daughters and for the needs of his home.

“I went to work in India because all the other villagers went to India for work, but when the pandemic struck I was compelled to come back to Nepal and thought that I should do something in my own country,” Sunar said.

He mentioned that he is able to save around 35,000 rupees a month after he opened a Salon. “Previously when I needed money I had to ask others but now I don’t need to do it anymore,” Sunar said.

Sunar further added that when he was working abroad he was not receiving the benefit of his hard work and often used to scolded him, but now he receives he has been able to earn a sufficient amount.

When Sunar had back home during the lockdown he had asked his local governing body for work but did not receive any response. It was then he decided to take a loan from the bank to start a Salon and now he earns well from it.

Sunar had expressed his grievances by saying that the government has done nothing to provide jobs to the youth who had come back from abroad but has put the money into building roads and the COVID-19 effort. “It is sad that neither of that money has provided us with better roads and nor are the youth employed,” Sunar said.