Wednesday, 19 June, 2024

Chief Minister Rai calls for opening export-oriented industries


Morang, Apr. 10: Chief Minister of Province No. 1 Rajendra Kumar Rai has said the industrialists should work to establish export-oriented industries to reduce the country's trade deficit.

Concluding the Birat Trade Expo in Biratnagar on Sunday, the Chief Minister pledged to formulate policies to facilitate the establishment of industries.

The Chief Minister viewed that the entrepreneurs should work to generate employment opportunities and ensure country's prosperity adding that the expo played crucial role in national capital formation.

On the occasion, Chief Minister Rai shared that the Federal Government has initiated processes to release budget for the construction of regional international airport in Biratnagar.

Former minister of Province No. 1 Hikmat Karki, Mayor of Biratnagar Metropolitan City Bhim Parajuli and other speakers expressed their views stating that the expo contributed to make the economy vibrant in Biratnagar.

More than 300 stalls from Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and other countries were kept in the expo showcasing agricultural, cottage, garment and other goods.