Saturday, 13 April, 2024

Central Jail to be partially relocated in Nuwakot within three months


Kathmandu, Dec. 18: The government is all set to relocate the Central Jail of Sudhara partially to the Bidur Municipality, Nuwakot within three months.

According to Dorendra Niraula, Jailer at the Central Jail, the building of the central jail in Nuwakot is 90 per cent completed, however, other wings like schools, hospitals, and factory and roadway are yet to be constructed, therefore, the jail will be partially shifted within three months.

1,000 inmates from the central jail of Sundhara will be shifted to Nuwakot in the first lot.

He credited the lack of space and overcrowding as the reason behind the relocation of the central jail to Nuwakot.

According to Niraula the capacity of Central jail at Sundhara is only 1,450 inmates but on average, 3,300 inmates have been kept there, because of which, many inmates are scorched together in little spaces resulting in disease and sickness. Currently, there is around 200 patient with paralysis and many are mentally ill patients.

“However, there is not sufficient space for treatment. Therefore for a better environment, we decided to shift the central jail to Nuwakot.” He said, “The central Jail at Nuwakot has a capacity of 7,000 inmates.”

The Central Jail that is located at Sundhara of Kathmandu spread at 42 ropanis of land is overcrowding. Sometimes, the number of inmates exceeds the capacity of jail by five times for around 4,000 inmate’s needs to be adjusted.

The central jail at Nuwakot is being built in an area of about 534 ropanis of land in Khamba Camp of the Nepal government. This will be enough space to incorporate inmates.

He informed that the building is being built by the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction, Dhading, with an investment of Rs. 42 crores.