Sunday, 2 April, 2023

Census of Dolphins underway in Kailali 


Bhajani, Sept 4: A census of Dolphins has been started from Friday in the Dolphin conservation area of Tikapur Municipality and Bhajani Municipality in the southeastern region of Kailali.    

Dolphin Aquatic and Biodiversity Conservation Nepal Kailali are going to count the dolphins for the first time. The dolphins will be counted for two days, said the President of the organisation Bhoj Raj Dhungana.    

The counting of the Dolphins will be held in 13 places in the Tikapur-Bhajani Dolphin Conservation Circuit area.    

The last census of the Dolphins was held five years ago. In 2073 BS, 65 dolphins were counted and in 2075 BS 55 dolphins were seen. According to Dhungana, an estimated 35 to 40 dolphins have been traced this year.    

According to the latest statistics, the number of dolphins is declining every year and it is necessary to protect them, said Jay Prasad Dhungana, general secretary of the organization. Dolphin Aquatic and Biodiversity Conservation Nepal Kailali is going to prepare an integrated strategic plan for the conservation of otter, tortoise, crocodile, birds, endangered specifies of fish and biodiversity, he added.    

Gangetic dolphins appear in Patharia, Kadha, Kandra rivers, Garinala and Reptinala during the four rainy months of Asar, Saun, Bhadau and Asoj, while at other times they are seen in the Karnali River.