Saturday, 18 May, 2024

CBS receives four times more application to conduct national census 2078


By Nagendra Sapkota, Kathmandu, Mar. 28: Around two lakh people have applied for the contractual post of supervisors and enumerators to conduct National Census 2078, which has become more than four times the demand.

As many as 189,023 people have applied for the census, on the demand of 47,000 manpower including 8,000 supervisors and 39,000 enumerators. The Central Statistics Office (CBS) had opened the application for two months from January 24 to March 24.

According to CBS, more than four times as many people have applied for the job.

Hem Raj Regmi, Deputy Director-General of CBS said that 136,701 have applied for the post of the enumerator, 18, 513 people have applied for the post of supervisor and 33 thousand 809 people have applied for both the posts.

The eligible candidates have been sorted out on the list and the priority is given to the locals.

"Saying that those who have a background or have studied the subject of population and statistics will be given priority." Said Regmi. He said that the department will select the candidates on the basis of the specific criteria.

According to the department, the candidates can be assigned to work in a suitable area as per the convenience. Those who find it difficult to work in a place where they have a permanent address, then they can work from their current address as well.

The enumerator will be appointed in a one-month contract service and collect data for 15 days in the specified area.

He informed that the supervisors will be contracted for two months and will be given seven days training and 20 days of data collection, 15 days of enumerator supervision and has to collect the details of the concerned ward from the ward office as well.

All the candidates have been employed under one monthly contract for collecting data for the National Census, which will be held from June 8 to June 22 this Gregorian year.

The slogan for this year's census is 'My Census, My Participation'.