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Begnas Lake Beautification for tourism promotion (Photo Feature)

Beautification of Begnas Lake for the promotion of tourism, Photos - Tara Chapagain

By Tara Chapagain, Pokhara, Apr. 17: The second largest lake in the Kaski district, Begnas Lake of Pokhara ward no 31 is undergoing a beautification process.                                                                                                                                                                  

The chairperson of ward no 31, Kamal Thapa who has been planting seeds in Mandari Park of lake premises has said that the lake is in a dilapidated shape as compared to Fewa Lake.

“The lake is a very dilapidated shape. This Lake is a revered lake as compared to other lakes but still ever since the time of monarchy I don’t understand why nobody has taken care of it,” Thapa said.

The chairperson has further mentioned that he will change the face of the lake entirely.  “Before our election, there was barely any preservation work being done. We cleared the bushes and we further plan on growing flowers so that when visitors enter the nearby park they are left in a state of awe,” Thapa further added.

The head of Pokhara Tourism Board Kashi Raj Bhandari said that even though fewer people come to visit Begnas Lake as compared to Fewa Lake but if the beautification process of the lake takes place this could increase the number of visitors.

Bhandari further added that the tourism board will also aid in the effort of beautifying the lake. The retired organiser of Nagarik Samaj in Pokhara Bishnu Hari Adhikari has said that while cleaning the area he saw the bad situation of the lake which convinced him to take the assistance of the Tourism Board and with the help of the Board they 160 seeds of various fruits.

The chairperson of Begnas Lake Boat association Dhakraj Kharnel has said that the association has 154 members and 247 boats in the Lake. He mentioned that prior to the pandemic the lake used to have around 12,000 visitors per day as compared to the 2000 tourists a day the lake gets nowadays.