Tuesday, 6 June, 2023

'Cubes in Space' to be held first time in Nepal   


Kathmandu, March 21: Nepal Astronomical Society is to organise 'Cubes in Space' programme first time for school level students.

The event to be held in coordination with the American organisation idoodlEdu inc aims to create opportunities of international standard for Nepali students, said society chair Suresh Bhattarai    

The programme has been scheduled from coming April 10 to May 15. In the five-week special workshop, school students from 11 to 18 years of age or those completing the school education.    

Students can participate in the event from home for the first four weeks and they will have to arrive in Kathmandu for the fifth-week participation.

Cubes in Space is a global engineering design competition and under this competition, the participants can send their projects to the space or near-space environment through 'Nasa Sounding Rocket' and ' Zero Pressure Scientific Balloon'.    

For this opportunity, students have to design their projects, send them for evaluation and will be allowed to send them to the Virginia-based Cubes in Space' office if shortlisted.    

The society is permitted to include 50 students in the workshop. There will share knowledge of space science among the participants who will be made aware of the space environment and its vivid aspects. Two cubes selected from Nepal will be sent to the US.    

Seventy-three countries in the world have already participated in this project and Nepal is participating for the first time.