Friday, 1 December, 2023

SC sends writ against lawmakers including Nepal for full hearing, no interim order issued


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Mar. 13: The Supreme Court (SC) has sent the writ petition registered by the main opposition CPN (UML) against 14 lawmakers including Madhav Kumar Nepal for the full hearing in the apex court.

UML Chair KP Sharma Oli has filed a case at the SC seeking action against the 14 lawmakers arguing they worked against the party's statute, norms and processes.

An interim order was sought for in the writ petition.

"As the written responses of the defendants have been received, there is no point in speaking in the meantime. So, an order has been made for the full hearing," informed SC information officer Devendra Dhakal.

Now, the process will move forward as per processes the internal software of the SC.

"Its date will be fixed after it is published in the weekly notice and hearing," he said, adding, "It is determined by when, which day, and what kinds of cases are heard."