Saturday, 18 May, 2024

Perspective towards MCC be changed: NC Vice-Chair Gurung


Chitwan, Feb 19: Nepali Congress (NC) Vice-Chairperson Dhanaraj Gurung has urged all political parties to consider changing their political perspective towards the US-aid grant Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).    
Talking to journalists here today, Gurung viewed that the current issue surrounding MCC had surfaced due to differing views and perspectives of the political parties towards the MCC.    
"We should see MCC through Nepali lenses, not the foreign one," he argued. He opined that the foreign forces began to meddle in Nepal concerning MCC whereas it was an internal affair and the political parties of the country should have differentiated between right and wrong.    
He was of the view that the foreign agencies were interfering in the matter relating to MCC since the political leaders in the country kept changing their viewpoints and stances on MCC.    
On a different note, Gurung said that the Chief of the judiciary should have navigated the judiciary while he was unable to lead it instead of becoming a bystander to the issues.    
He also stressed that both the ruling parties and the opposition should stand together to run the parliament. The parliament should not be held hostage although the parliament belongs to the opposition party. "It is wrong to hold the parliament hostage instead of deliberating on the government's works and formulating laws."