Friday, 24 May, 2024

MCC needs to be amended before tabling, ratifying: CPN (Unified Socialist)


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Feb. 19: CPN (Unified Socialist) has decided that the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) compact is unacceptable at its present form and content.

The meeting of the standing committee of the party held today decided not to accept the MCC as it is, spokesperson of the CPN (US) Jagannath Khatiwada informed after the standing committee meeting.

He, however, said that the central secretariat of the party has been given the right to make immediate decisions when a situation arises to make immediate and further related decisions on the MCC.

"Today's meeting was focused on the MCC. We discussed it from various angles and concluded that the MCC as it is and given its conditions cannot be ratified," said spokesperson Khatiwada.

He said that meeting centered on the report on the MCC submitted by a task force led by the party's senior leader Jhala Nath Khanal.

He said the party was not for tabling the MCC in a coercive way because dialogues are necessary to generate understanding and clear obstacles against the smooth functioning of the parliament.

The CPN (US) spokesperson said the party's central secretariat would make additional decisions as needed if the MCC is tabled by hook or crook.

"No MCC as it is," he said, adding, "Because it was amended many times in the past and it is needed to be amended at present as well."

He underscored the need for holding an open and wide discussion on the MCC and making the amendment to it before tabling and ratifying it.