Saturday, 15 June, 2024

Maoist party will be victorious in Madhesh province: MC Chair Prachanda


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Feb. 10: Chairman of CPN (Maoist Center) Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has pinned hope that the people in the Madesh Province will again support the Maoist party.

Welcoming Jitendra Nath Sukla (Bablu), chairman of Sammarimai Rural Municipality in Rupendehi district, and ward Chair of the same rural municipality Shravan Kumar Yadav and others to the Maoist Center party, Chairman Prachanda said that his party had won election in the past when the Madhesh supported the Maoists.

He added that a massacre against the Maoist activists was carried out in Rupendehi and Kapilvastu district to stop the Maoists from victory.

He said Madhesh-oriented parties came to being after the massacres and they coordinated with the CPN (UML) which as he said is a anti-federal, republic and identity political party.