Friday, 1 December, 2023

Election code of conduct be fully followed: Chief Commissioner Thapaliya


Morang, Mar 23: Chief election commissioner Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya said that the political parties should fully abide by the election code of conduct to make the election free, fair and credible.

At an interaction organized by the Election Commission (EC) and Nepal Law Society in Morang today, chief commissioner Thapaliya assured that the Commission would strictly implement the election code of conduct to prevent the election to be flamboyant and becoming a costly affair.

Calling for cooperation from political parties and civil societies to quell the tendencies and trends to flout the election code of conduct, Thapaliya informed that committees would be formed at each local level to monitor whether the code of conduct was implemented or not at the local levels.

He argued that the political parties should show ethics and sincerity in following the code of conduct to reform the governance system and to protect democracy.

According to him, the local community should be vigilant against the political parties, candidates and supporters violating the code of conduct.

He said that the Commission had devised a new strategy for the effective implementation of the code of conduct for the upcoming local level election on May 13.