Tuesday, 25 June, 2024

All assistance providing countries should be treated fairly: NC Spokesperson Dr Mahat


Chitwan, Feb 12: Spokesperson of the Nepali Congress Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat has said that all assistance providing countries should be looked at from the same point of view.    

Talking to the media persons here today, Spokesperson Mahat noted that the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) should be taken fairly as we did for the projects of other countries.    

He shared that there would be unfair judgment in foreign relations while seeing the cooperation of other countries and MCC through different lenses.    

Leader Mahat said, “Accepting aid on the basis of unfair criteria for each country leads to imbalance foreign relations which may also cause a threat to the country.”    

He argued that the MCC should be endorsed by the parliament without any confusion and delay, adding “There is consent on MCC among political parties representing the parliament. It has come on the basis of Nepal’s interest. It is wrong tendency and trend to create a problem.”    

The NC Spokesperson mentioned that it was the responsibility of the Speaker to table the proposal introduced by the government.    

He further said the MCC issue would get an outlet if its discussion was held in the parliament.    

On a different note, he stated that Nepali Congress (NC)’s district convention in the remaining 16 districts would be held on February 24.    

Responding to a query, leader Mahat said it was not the right time to discuss the political coalition at the local-level election.    
He further said, “Discussion will be held regarding political coalition when the time comes.”