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Umbrellas above the banks of Fewa lake

Umbrellas above the banks of Fewa Lake

By Tara Chapagain, Kaski, Mar. 23: In Camping Chowk of Pokhara Metropolitan City - 6, umbrellas have been assembled neatly above the banks of Fewa Lake for aesthetic purposes.

People have been flocking to click photographs of themselves in the place. From March 22 the government has been charging visitors coming to the area. For this purpose of collecting money, the government has agreed on the construction company collecting 11.1 million rupees.

Pokhara Metropolitan City's Spokesperson Bharat Poudel said that the agreement has been signed for two years. The manager of the construction company Sanu Bhai Poudel has said that due to the lack of tourists resulting from Covid-19 the concept of umbrellas was thought of in order to increase the attraction of the place among tourists.  

“Since it was a contractual basis work last year due to Covid-19 we incurred heavy losses,” Poudel said. Due to attraction among tourists of other places where umbrellas were placed high above the ground, they thought more tourists will visit the place if the same concept was applied.

According to manager Poudel, there has been a 40 per cent increase among tourists. He also added that previously there were only about 200 tourists but now there has been a surge of about 300 - 400 visitors daily. 

Arjun Acharya who had come to Pokhara from Kathmandu as a tourist has said that the aesthetic umbrellas have certainly added to the beauty of Fewa Lake.