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Snowing adds magnificence to Dhorpatan hunting reserve (with pictures)

Snowing adds magnificence to Dhorpatan hunting reserve, Dec. 7, 2021.

By Navin Shishir BK, Baglung, Dec. 7: Dhorpatan hunting reserve has got a new whitish and elegant face with the snowfall on Monday evening.

The snowing has increased coldness in the area, informed Shyam BK, a teacher at Jyoti Basic School in Dhorpatan.

It was the first snowing here this year.

However, the snow has started with the sun and the locals have returned to their daily works, and that the school has also been operated, he said.

The snow has added to the magnificence and majesty of the Dhorpatan area although the snow has created problems of pasture for the cattle in the Dhorpatan valley.