Wednesday, 28 February, 2024

Raising voices for justice in Maitighar Mandala (Photo Feature)

Raising voice for justice in Maitighar Mandala, Photos - Bikash Dware/TRN

By Bikash Dware, Kathmandu, Oct. 8: Fourteen people, including 11 women, who came to Kathmandu after a 20-days walk from Nepalgunj in search of justice, have reached Maitighar Mandala to raise their voice for justice. They have reached Maitighar Mandala around 11 AM on Friday. After a long journey, they looked tired.

Nankunni Dhobi of Newaji village in Banke district was found dead in her own house. Similarly, Nirmala Kurmi, a single woman from a nearby village, went missing but there was no satisfactory investigation into the incidents so a team including 11 women reached Kathmandu on Wednesday evening after walking from Nepalgunj to the federal capital to report two issues that were not properly investigated.