Thursday, 25 April, 2024

Pati, Pauwa and Thanti on verge of extinction (Photo Feature)

Pati, Pauwa and Thanti of Tanahun district

By Amar Raj Naharki, Tanahun, Mar. 20: The existence of Pati, Pauwa and Thanti (different types of rest houses) which holds religious and environmental importance in the urban and rural areas of Tanahun are facing crisis in these days.

They are rarely seen as new ones are not built and old ones are not protected. Pati, Pauwa have been in usage since a long period of time by the passersby to rest after work fatigue, to find a safe haven from wind and hail after the hard work, have started breaking down for lack of protection.

Jamuna Joshi, President of the Alliance Club of Tanahun, said that because of the modern lifestyle, Pati, Pauwa and Thantis are getting neglected so does their protections.

"Pati, Pauwas were mandatory for passers-by and pilgrims when there was no road network and no hotel facilities but because of the access of transportation, that compulsion has bygone now," said Joshi.

"As Pati, Pauwa and Thantis are of environmental and religious importance, they should be protected," she said.

Madhav Bahadur Pant, vice-president of the Tanahu Tourism Development Committee, said that the religious places of Tanahu such as Devghat, Vyas and Parashar areas, Thanimai, Chhabdivarahi, Dhorbarahi and those found along  the roads, where people can stay for night stay are facing crisis due to lack of protection.

He said that the Pati, Pauwa and Thantis are beneficial from the environmental outlook also as they have stone roofing, stone and clay mortar and wood are disappearing and some people with religious sentiments are using cement, iron and tin.

He said that the Chautari has been built on the way to the Vyas Cave and Shiva Panchayat Temple in Damauli at a cost of Rs 250,000 near the resident of the Chief District Officer with an aim to preserve the heritages like Patipauwa and Chautari.

Khadananda Kaini, chairman of the Polyang Drinking Water and Sanitation Consumers Committee in Vyas Municipality-3, Polyang, said that Pati, Pauwa and Thanti used to be near the roads of the villages and settlements but they are not seen there.