Saturday, 2 December, 2023

In pictures: World celebrates Christmas

In pictures: World celebrates Christmas

Dec. 25: People across the world are celebrating Christmas - one of the holiest times in the Christian calendar. However, for the second year in a row, there are smaller crowds at church services and other events because of the continuing coronavirus outbreak. Here's our snapshot of global festivities.


Colourful lights and decorations made this footbridge in Taipei, Taiwan, very popular with locals and tourists - NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES


Nuns held prayers at a solemn church service in Nairobi, Kenya - REUTERS


In Pakistan, families - many with young children - attended a Christmas Eve service at St Andrew's Church in Karachi - REUTERS


Worshippers lit candles in Istanbul, Turkey - REUTERS


In the Palestinian city of Bethlehem, the biblical birthplace of Jesus, a midnight Mass was held in the Church of the Nativity - REUTERS


Pope Francis presided over a similar service in the Vatican, which was held earlier than usual because of Covid restrictions -


Young altar servers assisted during celebrations in Irbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq - AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES


A child runs towards a man dressed as Santa Claus as he walks with a sack of gifts near Iraq's southern city of Basra - GETTY IMAGES


This giant sand sculpture of Santa Claus appeared on the beach at Bay of Bengal in India's eastern Odisha state - NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES


In Brazil, aquarists dressed as Elf, Santa Claus and Mrs Claus greeted the public inside a huge water tank at AquaRio in Rio de Janeiro - GETTY IMAGES


Meanwhile, a rhino enjoyed its Christmas treats at Orana Wildlife Park on the outskirts of Christchurch, New Zealand - NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES


This pub in London, Great Britain, looked like a giant Christmas toy -REUTERS