Wednesday, 28 February, 2024

Deusi Bhailo at Office of President

Deusi Bhailo at Office of President

Kathmandu, Nov. 4: Artists from the Cultural Corporation and children from the Nepal Children’s Organisation have performed ‘deusi bhailo’ at the Office of President at Sheetal Niwas on the occasion of third day of Tihar festival, also known as ‘Laxmi Puja’ on Thursday.

The artists held folk cultural programmes along with deusi bhailo.

President Bhandari offered sel roti, fruits and dakshina to the performers, following the tradition of offering something to deusi bhailo teams.

On the occasion, she stated that original songs, music, art and literature of our country would help prosper the country.

The folk culture of Nepal is esteemed and unique in the world, President Bhandari said, adding that she also thanked the deusi bhailo team for promoting Nepali culture while cautioning Nepali people against ongoing COVID-19.