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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 finalists revealed

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 finalists revealed

London, Sep. 2 (BBC): The 42 finalists in this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been announced, each one showing anthropomorphic expressions from the animal kingdom.

Mr Giggles, a grey seal by Martina Novotna, taken in Ravenscar, UK, - MARTINA NOVOTNA

A seal that appears to be giggling, a baboon that looks like it's singing and a very angry starling - this year's finalists show animals in comedy moments snapped by photographers from around the world.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards were founded by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, both professional photographers and passionate conservationists.

In addition to providing some light-hearted relief, the competition aims to highlight the important message of wildlife conservation in an engaging and positive way, working with competition partner Save Wild Orangutans.

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on 22 October.

In the meantime, here are a few finalists' entries that might make you smile.


Monday morning mood, by Andrew Mayes, taken in Rietvlei, South Africa

A pied starling by ANDREW MAYES


Let's dance, by Andy Parkinson, taken in Kamchatka Peninsula, Far East Russia

Brown bears by ANDY PARKINSON


Shush! I'm so hungover it hurts, by Anita Ross, taken in San Bernardino County, California, USA

A burrowing owl by ANITA ROSS


Foot jam, by Brook Burling, taken in Wisconsin, USA

A raccoon by BROOK BURLING


Time for school, by Chee Kee Teo, taken in Singapore by BROOK BURLING

Smooth-coated otters by CHEE KEE TEO

See who jumps high, by Chu han lin, taken in Taiwan

Mudskippers by CHU HAN LIN

The baboon who feels like a tenor, by Clemence Guinard, taken in Saudi Arabia

A hamadryas baboon by CLEMENCE GUINARD

Fluff, by Edwin Smits, taken in Groenlanden, Ooij, the Netherlands

A Konik horse by EDWIN SMITS

Dancing away to glory, by Sarosh Lodhi, taken in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, India



Smoked deer for dinner, by Siddhant Agrawal, taken in Jim Corbett National Park, India


Draw me like one of your French bears, by Wenona Suydam, taken in Kodiak, Alaska, USA

A brown bear by WENONA SUYDAM