Thursday, 13 June, 2024

Wealth Vs. Happiness

Chandra Kumar Phuyal

The question of prosperity and happiness is much talked about today. Pursuing abundance of wealth in order to obtain happiness is a crazy trend among people. They believe that physical property is the only means of happiness and their activities are directed towards earning money. The ultimate aim of their day and night struggles and perseverance is to amass wealth to assure their cherished happiness in life. But, the big question is: can prosperity buy happiness?
‘’No,’’ to me. The prosperity achieved in one’s life alone doesn’t guarantee happiness. Both prosperity and happiness are essential in our lives which are correlate. They are the two sides of a coin and should have a balance.
Prosperity is connected to our physical or material world. It is the state of flourishing, thriving of good fortune whereas happiness is linked with mental and emotional state of our life including positive feeling or contentment. To be prosperous, one must have material things like a good home, car, money, jewelleries and land. This is related to consumption and luxuries and lavishness. Prosperity brings some happiness to one’s life to some extent, but it cannot be the sole source of happiness.
Sometimes, the rat-race to possess abundant wealth snatches your pleasure forever by tearing your relationship in your family and friends as well as fuelling crimes in the society. It makes you more greedy and unsatisfied. If you can’t become content, you’ll never lead a happy life, no matter how much assets you own. You only want to have more.
Similarly, to be happy, on the other hand, one must have good work, love, affection and self-satisfaction. Luxury creates only a momentary pleasure but your positive thoughts and good relationship with your family members and friends brings you a permanent happiness in your life.
Different people take different measures to make themselves happy. Some are content with what they have achieved in life whereas others take pleasure from looking at their kids’ progress. Some take momentary steps such as drinking, smoking and playing cards whereas others do charity and social works. Some people make their life meaningful by performing challenging works that are not possible for ordinary people.
As a famous American philosopher Tal Ben has said, “Happiness, not gold or prestige, is the ultimate currency”. Thus, prioritising prosperity over other priceless things like relationship with love ones and and satisfaction is the desirable path to follow. If prosperity were the key to happiness, why are rich people not happier than others?
“Hataka Maila Sunaka Thaila Ke Garnu Dhanale, Saga Ra Sishnu Khayeko Besa Aanandi Manale” are the lines expressed by Great Nepali poet Laxmi Prasad Devkota which lays stress on modesty and simplicity over wealth. Had Gautam Buddha found happiness in prosperity, he wouldn’t have abandoned the palace luxuries in search of peace and happiness.