Tuesday, 25 June, 2024

Unity Sans Borders

Adhyashree K.C.

The world is fragmented by borders, be it physical or mental. The sense of yours and mine has manifested so deep into the minds of people that the barricade is only growing stronger in the passing days. Economic feuds between countries, and the strain on the environment is undoubtedly born out of greed. Remove greed from the picture and there will be harmony among men, even between man and nature.
One way or the other, our desire to be on top has gotten ourselves into a crisis, be it climatic or existential. Cultural appropriation for example, a controversial act of a dominant culture adopting culture of minority, acts as an antagonist. Such lack of appreciation of others’ culture, or simply the lack of willingness to live unitedly makes it difficult to inspire harmony in today’s world. Similar issues can be found in the grounds of religion and culture where xenophobia, Islamophobia etc are becoming a major problems.
A British poet, Carol Rumens, once questioned in her poem “What would we be without borders?” border’s that are built out of one’s caste, creed, and colour. These acts of building borders have wreaked havoc in lives of many who constantly live in threat due to a handful of people’s dehumanising attitude.
Marking territory contradicts our human nature but coincides with most animal species, like dogs and fox, for example. That, coupled with greed, breaks down the unity we have with each other. Again, the branding of resources and places as yours and mine take place. And the effect is visible from environment to social aspect as well. For example, the melting arctic forecast is a splendid opportunity for the mining industry, and different countries around it are rushing to claim the area as theirs. Conversely, if people were to recognise the world as ‘ours’ rather than just belonging to man, we would be more conscious of several other living creatures.
Division tears us apart, but unity weaves us in the same thread. Ever wandered around in a garden? There, different flowers sway one with the wind, their colours different and their perfumes different, but their soil one and creator one. Likewise, I envision people from around the world dancing to the same rhythm which we call ‘life’. The people’s appearance is different and clothing different, but their origin one and creator one. In the big picture, I realised that the harmony of being united is what brings peace within us and the ripple effect it creates is wondrous.
On the positive side, people have never been more connected as they are today, thanks to the worldwide access to internet. Recently, internet has become the golden tool in enthusing people about different cultures and traditions of even the most remote countries. Take social media for example; posts and blogs have brought together people of different casts and cultures. This could be reassuring indicator against feuds and fights born from severing human ties.