Sunday, 23 June, 2024

Subliminal Message

Suravi Regmi

A good consumer product is something that is sold without letting consumers know about its features. We can relate with the fact that these days with the outspread of positive word of mouth conversations included in videos and numerous photo-to-conversation converting mobile applications like TikTok, consumers have been influenced to make inquiries about products they intend to buy.

Advertising is assumed to be effectual and wise, but not subjugating. There are a variety of instances in the form of advertisements while we watch them on televisions, radios and internet, and in print sources. We tend to get attracted to those adverts subconsciously in the first place. They may modify our perception towards certain brands after giving rise to a kind of debate inside our minds. Then, we make a conscious decision to purchase specific products.

Subliminal messages are designed to invigorate the level of mental sub-consciousness which will later help them draw logical reasoning about products or services. We can observe the logos of different organisations or could be brand logos or designs and names of various branded products and automatically recall those products and/or services before agreeing to purchase them. This interpretational process helps develop powerful associations between services/ brands and intended meaning.

Subliminal messages in adverts carry hidden meaning behind their product designs which are of different shapes, and colours. Due to technological advancement, advertising messages and tools are now becoming major breakthrough for digital innovation.

A classic example of use of subliminal messaging in the field of business can be the advertising initiation led by movie theatres. They make best possible efforts to accelerate sales volume of complementary food items and drinks at the same time. For instance, popcorn is jointly sold with cold drinks without letting consumers being aware of the amount of marginal profit included in those food items such as value added tax (VAT) amount. 

The subliminal messages used in ads have occupied a legal grey zone while looking at the advertising history. It seems that hidden messages can't be clear or can be simply coincidences or 'pareidolia' (a mechanism of brain receiving familiar pattern when something is not directly clear).

William Blaty says: "There is not a single subliminal image, if you can see a thing than that is not subliminal." It is noticeable that body spray companies while intending to increase the sales of their spray bottles intend to stimulate sex which will increase the power to decide naturally. They design many ads where they use imagery and persona of couples attracted towards each other physically.
Subliminal messages use the theory of absolute threshold which is linked with restoring sensory, visual and auditory human senses to draw attention towards the messages contained in logos or product designs. They can be categorised into three types: Radio advertising, television advertising, and social media advertising. In television media, the ads messages mention crisp-to-the point dialogues backed by visual stories about product/service. Radio advertisements are designed to make it easier for people to remember those catchy words which actually train their brain subconsciously.

Instagram and Facebook messaging is more inclined towards use of influencers and creation of campaigns by posting the same photos or videos. In the next phase, the advertisers acknowledge the increase of followers’ traffic on Facebook or Instagram. The basic motive of subliminal messaging is to explain how unconsciously mind works at the repetitive exposure to same kinds of messages in advertisements which navigate in creating interest regularly and consumers keep buying their most loved products.