Sunday, 4 June, 2023

Season Of Renewal

Dixya Poudel

With a renewal of optimism, winter has given way to spring. As the coronavirus pandemic is waning in Nepal, people are gearing towards a safer and secure future. Eager travellers have been going sightseeing and tourism is witnessing a renewed boost. After two whole years of battle with the pandemic, this spring has become a beacon of hope. In the Northern hemisphere, the grip of the cold has come to an end as spring brings forth greenery, abundance and joy.

Even though many nations globally are still struggling with the pandemic, people feel a change in the air that seems to buzz with vitality and recovery. As of today over six million people have died of coronavirus worldwide. These past two years have been one of loss, loss of lives and loss of hope. The world battled the pandemic for over two years and now it is time to look forward in the future with revived hope. And hope is a word synonymous with courage. While loss weighs heavy on those who have lost their loved ones, it is important to look forward to the future.

Loss can lead to a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. It can root deep in the core, gnaw on the sense of futility and sap the will to face the day. Loss can be debilitating as people grieve for their loved ones. During the past two years and more, deaths became a statistic where numbers kept rising. Even today, some parts of the world are seeing a spike in coronavirus cases despite strict restrictions and lockdowns. Lives have become mired in vulnerability. Microscopic virus has instead threatened the very core of humanity as it has limited and restricted socialisation.

People feared one another as the virus keep mutating in their bodies and transmitted through the air or fomites. What happens to humanity when people have to fear each other’s company instead of regaling in it? Due to the threat of the virus, people have had to practice social distancing, sanitize rigorously and wear masks in public. But this spring is one of hope. In Nepal the pandemic cases have fallen sharply and most days, the numbers are in two digits. People have started feeling safe to leave their houses for work, study, travel or simply to run errands. No longer are there a fear of transmission and an avoidance of social company.

Weddings are being held jubilantly, birthdays are celebrated socially and events and programs are being held with much fervour. As a social being, people are now able to connect with one another in face-to-face conversations. As the seasons change, spring calls to mind the rich hues of colours in nature. Greenery is all around as plants sprout buds and flowers are in full bloom. Gardeners rejoice this season as their hard work pays off with budding flowers. People no longer have to dread the cold instead the weather is pleasant enough to travel, reconnect and recover.

Spring 2022 has revived tourism, given hope to those who had given up and has renewed a feeling of togetherness. The isolation has lost its hold, instead it is a time to relish the balmy weather, feel the soothing breeze and welcome the green abundance while celebrating the season of renewal.