Thursday, 29 September, 2022

UK government's cut in aid budget to affect public health of South Asian countries  


Kathmandu, June 16 : The British government has decreased the assistance budget it has been providing to public health sector of South Asian countries including Nepal as well as other countries at a time when the world is facing COVID-19 pandemic.    

The British government slashed its aid budget by around 100 million US dollars, which it had been supporting through International Planned Parenthood Federation. Family Planning Association of 141 countries of the world including Family Planning Association of Nepal are associated with the Federation.  

With this, adolescent of marginalized community, youths and women of these countries would now be deprived of sexual and reproductive health as well as projects related to sexual and reproductive health sector would be closed in these countries.    

Manager of FPAN, Dr Naresh Pratap KC, with British government’s decision of cutting down the aid budget, the access projects being implemented by the Federation have now reached the stage of closure.    

Around 120,000 people of marginalized and risk community especially of humanitarian disaster area would be directly affected from sexual and reproductive health.    

DR KC shared that FPAN would continue its sexual and reproductive health service till its availability of means, resources and capacity.    

American President Joe Biden had recently decided to rescind the ‘Global Gag Rule’ policy of sexual and reproductive health.

Soon after this decision, the United Kingdom decided to cut the aid budget it has been providing South Asian countries in the public health sector.