Tuesday, 7 February, 2023

Timure dry port construction sees 20 percent progress 


Rasuwa, Jan 24 : The construction of dry port is gradually advancing in Timure. In a bid to enhance trade and commerce between Nepal and China by easing screening of import and export goods, the construction of dry port has expedited.    

According to the Nepal Inter-model Transport Development Committee, the task related to the embankment of the Bhotekoshi River below Timure village is gaining momentum. As many as 53 workers, including 40 Nepali and 13 Chinese are engaged in the construction site.  

Technicians said the Timure dry port construction has witnessed 20 percent of its completion with the speed-up of works of late. The construction had begun since November 2019 with a condition to complete dry port construction in 30 months.    

It may take further two years to complete the construction as the pandemic has forced workers to adopt health safety measures, the technicians said.    

Chinese Tibet Fully Construction was awarded the contract for the dry port construction being carried out under the financial assistance of Chinese government.

Following the completion of the construction, it would be easier to park 250 big containers and 100 small and medium vehicles in the port, shared site in-charge engineer Shovakanta Raut.